Vatican City Tour – Rome Shore Excursion

Your Rome Shore Excursion - Guided tour of the Vatican

Casey and the VaticanThis is private tour of the Vatican for those who have one day and desire to avoid the impossibly large groups which form a cruise line tour of Rome.

It is impossible to see all of the best sites of Rome in just one day,that is, if you want to have a meaningful visit. So, this Private Rome tour is for you if the Vatican is your primary goal and you want some of the best other sites included to make the visit complete.

Certainly, having a proper guided tour of the Vatican, Pantheon and Piazza Navona is a very good start to having seen the highlights of Rome in a memorable way.

Your Rome shore excursion from Civitavecchia will begin when you step off the ship. We meet you at the ship's side for your private transfer into the city of Rome.

We will begin our tour with the Vatican Museum.

Your Rome tour guide will have reservations so you will enter the museum through a privileged entrance skipping the line.

Your Rome Shore Excursion will include the Vatican Museum's  highlights and the Sistine Chapel with Michelangelo's frescoes.

The Vatican Museum houses Sistine Chapelpriceless works of art including:

  • Sistine Chapel
  • Raphael Rooms
  • Etruscan Museum.

The Sistine Chapel is most famous for its architecture and decoration.Artists including:

  • Michelangelo
  • Raphael
  • Bernini
  • Botticelli

contributed their talents to this Chapel.
The chapel is named after Pope Sixtus IV, (whose tomb is in Santa Maria Maggiore) and today serves as a place where new Popes are selected.

Our morning Rome tour will end after a visit to the largest church in the world,St Peter's Basilica.

PantheonAt 13:00 we will break for lunch at a local restaurant or pizzeria.

Continuing on at 14:30, we will visit the Pantheon, which was a place of worship both for pagans and Christians for the last 1800 years.


Pantheon is Greek for "temple", which is entirely fitting because it was dedicated to all the gods of Ancient Rome. Currently, the Pantheon serves as a tomb for great artists, composers, and architects, such as:

We will also visit the Piazza Navona and view the famous Four Rivers Fountain by Bernini. This fountain was commissioned by Pope Innocent X and designed by Bernini. The Four Rivers represented are:

  • Danube
  • Ganges River
  • Nile
  • Rio della Plata.

Each fountain personifies a then-known continent.Four Rivers Fountain

The Piazza Navona is home to the Church of St. Agnes. This church was built to honor a young girl who was murdered on the orders of Diocletian for professing her faith. (visit our blog on Facebook for more on this interesting story)

It is true that Borromini, the designer of the Church of St. Agnes, and Bernini,the designer of the Four Rivers Fountain were intense rivals. It is a common story , but untrue, that one of the figures on Bernini's Four Rivers Fountain has his forearm covering his eyes so he doesn't have to look at the creation of the rival, Borromini. In fact, the Four Rivers Fountain was constructed before the Church of St. Agnes.


From the Piazza Navona your driver will return you to Civitavecchia and your cruise ship.


The price of your Rome Shore Excursion includes pick up from your ship at the CIVITAVECCHIA port You retain the private transportation until you return to your ship after the tour.

The price per person decreases as the number in your party increases.

We will happily organize tours for parties which are larger than 12 persons. Just ask.

In order to skip the line at the Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, and St. Peters Basilica, we will need your
full name to pass on to the Vatican office.

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  • price per person $218.00 (10 persons)
Attractions: Vatican Museum, Sistine Chapel, St. Peters Basilica, Pantheon, Piazza Navona
Starting Point: Your Cruise Ship
Starting Time: 8:30am
Tour Duration: 11 hours